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Red Book - Stoa Edition 2015

1.06 LBS
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Product Description

Thumb through Red Book with the publisher

Sourcebook for Stoa Lincoln-Douglas Debaters

NOTE: This book is coilbound and comes shipped. A digital access code will be included for the electronic version. 

Resolution #1 -- Resolved: In formal education liberal arts ought to be valued above practical skills. 

Resolution #2 -- Resolved: Developing countries ought to prioritize economic growth over environmental protection. 

Are you preparing to compete in the 2015-2016 school year for Lincoln-Douglas debate in Stoa? Then Red Book is for you. This sourcebook comes complete with instructional chapters, spotlight cases that espouse the spirit of the resolution, and a fall addendum chock full of cases and articles to help launch you into your year of debate. Lincoln-Douglas debaters who own Red Book are able to run top-quality cases, as well as attack cases that come their way when they negate the resolution.

Red Book is the longest-lasting Lincoln-Douglas debate sourcebook. Since 2001, champion debaters and coaches have been leading the pack with foundational cases that can be run by any debater throughout the year. Every Lincoln-Douglas debater can trust Red Book -- MONEY BACK GUARANTEED!

What comes with your order of Red Book:

  • Foundational chapters establishing guidelines for your Lincoln-Douglas strategy.
  • Resolutional articles written by champions LD debaters, all set to bring clarity to the year's resolutions.
  • Four foundational cases with much deeper explanation than previous Red Books.
  • An October 1 digital addendum of more cases, adding up to at least 12 foundational cases that may be used right away in a debate round.
  • Rebuttal briefs ready to counter each case throughout the debate.
  • Free access to all Ironman Curriculum handouts and study sheets.

Table of Contents:

Initial Release (August 1, 2015)
Download a PDF of the Table of Contents

  1. Section 1: Foundational
    • Chapter 1: The Lincoln-Douglas Debate Round
    • Chapter 2: Values & Criteria
    • Chapter 3: How to Write a Case
    • Chapter 4: Argumentation
    • Chapter 5: Cross-Examination
  2. Section 2: Resolutional
    • "Analyzing Resolution #1 by Breanna Vincent
    • "Philosophies of Resolution #1 by Levi Gulliver
    • "Formal Education and Its Purpose by Peter Allevato
    • "Analyzing Resolution #2" by Chris Ostertag
    • "Definitions in Resolution #2" by Giselle Weiss
    • "Philosophies of Resolution #2" by Levi Gulliver
  3. Section 3: Cases
    • Affirmative Case: Human Flourishing — by Breanna Vincent
    • Affirmative Case: Wisdom and Virtue — By Levi Gulliver
    • Affirmative Case: Progress — by Giselle Weiss
    • Negative Case: Success — by Peter Allevato
    • Negative Case: Sustainable Development — by Chris Ostertag

Addendum Release (October 1, 2015)
Download PDF of Table of Contents for the Early-Season Release

  1. Articles
    • And Suddenly, Nazi Germany was Irrelevant  — Article on Resolution #1 by Joseph Abell
    • More About Formal Education — Article on Resolution #1 by Levi Gulliver
    • It’s Only Environmental — Article on Resolution #2 by Emily Erickson
    • What is a Developing Country? — Article on Resolution #2 by Scott Lowery
  2. Cases
    • "21st Century Workplace Competitiveness"Affirmative Case (R1) by Peter Anderson
    • "Yep, Algebra is Basically Useless" — Negative Case (R1) by Joseph Abell
    • "The Jobs Case" — Negative Case (R1) by Travis Herche
    • "Personal Opportunity" — Affirmative Case (R2) by Scott Lowery
    • "Got Development?" — Affirmative Case (R2) by Michael Tant
    • "Neg doesn’t hug trees" — Negative Case (R2) by Adam Densmore
    • "Penguins & Pollution" — Negative Case (R2) by Emily Erickson

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